BYW goes Malaysia

The past two weeks I spent in Kuala Lumpur, guiding a group of students from the University of Amsterdam. And what a great experience it was!

The students participated in Lokaalmondiaal’s Beyond Your World program and although I’ve been involved in this project for a few years already, this was the first time I actually got the chance to join a group going abroad. Each student had to make no less than four stories for Dutch media and I joined as many of them as I could, shooting pictures here and there and occasionally assisting in making a video.

Because of the great variety in story topics I got a glimpse of life in this bustling city on many different levels, from the city’s top restaurants to the soup kitchens in China Town. I met all sorts of people, from a bunch of bike hippies cycling KL’s streets at night, to muslims (and many other people) trying to overcome their ‘fear’ of dogs at the ‘I Want to Touch a Dog’ event. I’ll be sharing some of these and other stories here on my blog in the coming weeks, once they are published in Dutch media.

Thanks to all the Dutch students, their Malaysian ‘buddies’ from Taylor’s University, Andrew, Sarah and Jaap for making it such a memorable trip.

For Dutch readers, here’s a nice report Jantien Kingma wrote for UvA’s student magazine Folia.